Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards

Concrete posts and gravel boards

Concrete Fence Posts

Throughout Hertfordshire, we choose to use concrete fence posts for many fencing installations, because they are sturdy, long lasting and maintenance free. Concrete fence posts have been around certainly as long as we have been a Hertfordshire fencing contractor. They are versatile and ideal for use with chain link and weld mesh fencing, because the concrete construction adds greater strength and security over timber fencing posts.

Concrete fencing posts won’t rot and they don’t need special treatment, painting or staining.

The slotted concrete fence posts are the most popular type of fencing posts, because the panel simply slots down and into place without the need for screws or joints.

The vast majority of the concrete fence posts we have installed are for garden timber fencing although a lot have been in commercial applications.

Our choice of fencing for concrete posts is Closeboard because not only is it a strong and attractive style of fence, but it is incredibly long lasting, hard wearing and economical. The strength is fortified when installed with concrete posts and gravel boards.


Gravel Boards

Gravel Boards give the fence extra height and can provide a finishing touch to a nice run of fencing, depending on your choice of gravel boards.

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