Garden Fencing

Ian Russell has been a garden fencing contractor in Hertfordshire for over 20 years and offers a vast array of garden fences.  Garden Fencing panels not only define boundaries and create a personal private space to relax but provide creative ways to hide unsightly objects.

If you prefer a private, enclosed feel to your garden, you could consider tall, close slatted fencing or close board fencing. Think about what or who you want to keep in, as well as out – not only pets and children, but unwelcome visitors.

Ask us about reinforced garden fences for withstanding strong winds in open areas and the kids’ over zealous activity with footballs. A basic fence can and will look basic, but we can enhance your garden fence with bow-topped panels, flat-topped, or a slat design to be different and stand out from the rest.

You might prefer an open coral feel to your garden. So choose a low fence, or one with well-spaced slats. These allow the light in as well as providing a vista of your local scenes and landscaping outside of your garden.

Think about traditional picket fences, bow-topped designs, or if you’d like to see climbing plants creeping along your garden fence, perhaps a lattice-trellis fence would suit

If you alternate the bow-topped panels with flat-topped or concave panels, you can create the look of waves.

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