Deer Proof Fencing

Deer proof fencing

The perfect solution to keeping deer or rabbits off property is deer proof fencing or indeed rabbit-proof fencing.  Our fences are installed and constructed to provide many years of service, geared to exclude rabbits and deer or indeed keeping them in a compound, if required.

Specialist Rabbit and deer fences are probably the most effective method of preventing damage caused by such pests.  It protects tree and sapling, orchards, crops, landscaped grounds, domestic gardens and helps maintain amenities, such as parks and sports grounds.

Be mindful that, if deer and rabbit want to get in, they will, unless you have proper rabbit proof / deer proof fencing. The determined crests will jump, dig, push and burrow, so in order to achieve proper exclusion, we must design them out!

Ian Russell is a specialist fencing contractor in Hertfordshire and has been responsible for many a mile of fences including rabbit and deer proof fencing across Hertfordshire.

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