Post and Rail Fencing

Post and Rail Paddock Fencing

Post and Rail fencing is a versatile attractive design for those who prefer ‘retro’ fencing.

This solid traditional fencing with a riven look is made up from half round vertical posts with a choice of three or four horizontal mortice rails.
For those wanting a more uniform, rustic field fence, you might prefer a post & rail Paddock fencing.
Paddock fences tend to be sawn square vertical posts, with two or three horizontal rails that are generally nailed to the posts.
Usually there is one vertical post for every 1.8m of fencing, and one for the end of the run.
We allow three rails for every 3.6m length of 3-rail paddock fencing.

Our Drill helps us erect post and rail fencing straight and square in all soils.
Our Little Beaver Earth Drill makes light work of drilling holes for post and rail fencing and enables us to erect it straight and square in half the time.

For speed and efficiency, we often use a ‘Little Beaver Earth Drill‘ that makes easy work of extremely hard ground and does the jobs that the average fencing contractor with pick and shovel can’t do. It is fairly lightweight and easily transported to remote locations as well as domestic gardens.
Whatever type of fencing or where post holes need to be dug, our little beaver will make light work of it.

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