Wooden Garden Sheds

Wooden Garden Sheds, Garden offices and Man Caves

Traditional Garden Sheds

Not too long ago, garden sheds were where the garden tools were kept and might additionally be used as a small workshop. But sheds are changing. No longer are they scruffy timber outbuildings, but attractive, useful timber constructions.

Ian Russell has been erecting garden sheds in Hertfordshire for over 20 years; some basic low-cost timber sheds and some stunning bespoke timber outbuildings that wouldn’t be out of place in the most stately of homes.  Call Ian to discuss the kind of Garden Shed you are looking for.

The Man Cave

With new houses becoming smaller and space being limited, the new breed of shed is the ‘man cave’. No longer are husbands dispatched to the attic (that’s probably now a bedroom!) but are being allowed to reside in the “Man Cave”.  Typically, a Man Cave is a higher quality structure than the regular garden shed, with higher grade timber and fittings and may be insulated against the cold and have mains power installed.

As it is the man’s refuge, his second home, it may be stocked with beers, hobby equipment, TV and music, allowing the lucky man to indulge his hobby uninterrupted.

Call Ian to discuss your Man Cave.

The Home Office

Sheds are also being bespoke designed and used as ‘home offices’, studios and workshops. Garden commuters are now working from home, walking the path to their new office and popping home for lunch.  With Mains power, heating and wi-fi, the Home Office can provide all the equipment you need and modern shed doors and windows can be as secure as your home.

Call Ian to discuss your Home Office.


Talk to Ian Russell about your new Garden Shed. Why buy a mass produced kit of cheap time-limited timber when you can have exactly what you are looking for, right down to stable doors and tudor windows!

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